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What Makes a Speech Topic Persuasive?

It takes a lot of skill to craft an effective speech. The ability to inspire and persuade your audience is the key to success. But before you can even begin thinking about how best to deliver your message, you need to first decide on a topic for your speech. Choosing the right persuasive speech topic can be daunting, as there are so many options available. However, by examining what makes a persuasive speech topic successful, you’ll be better equipped with the knowledge needed to select one that will engage and motivate your listeners. In this blog post, we’ll explore the main components of a persuasive speech topic, and offer some tips on delivery from the lectern.


A successful persuasive speech topic should be relevant to the audience. It should address an issue that is of interest and importance to them. If your topic doesn’t have any relevance or connection to your listeners, then it’s likely that they won’t pay attention for long. Before settling on a topic, take some time to research the interests and values of your audience members so you can select one that speaks directly to them.

Engaging Content

Your chosen persuasive speech topic must also contain engaging content for it to be effective. This means selecting a subject matter that will captivate listeners while simultaneously providing all the necessary information they need on said subject matter. A good way of ensuring this is to include stories, case studies, and facts that are both interesting and informative. This will help keep your audience interested in the topic while learning valuable information at the same time.


For a persuasive speech topic to be successful, it should also be objective. It should not contain personal opinions or bias of any kind as this may lead listeners to become defensive or dismissive of the subject matter. It’s important to look at all sides of an issue objectively before presenting it so that you can provide a balanced argument. Doing so allows you to present logical evidence rather than relying on emotions alone which often leads people astray from their original goal.


Another essential quality of a persuasive speech topic is conviction. It’s not enough to merely provide facts and figures; you must also have the passion and energy behind your words in order for them to resonate with the audience. This means that you need to believe in what you are saying and be passionate about it so that your enthusiasm will translate into convincing arguments. By conveying confidence in yourself as well as the subject matter, your listeners will be more likely to pay attention and take action on what they have heard from you.


Finally, a persuasive speech topic should also be delivered well. This means speaking clearly and confidently while using body language and voice inflections to convey your message. Additionally, it’s important to make use of visual aids such as slides or props that can help enhance the topic for your audience. Lastly, using a lectern or podium when presenting can give you a sense of authority, as well as provide an anchor from which to deliver your speech.


In conclusion, choosing the right persuasive speech topic is essential if you want to successfully engage and motivate your audience. A successful topic should be relevant to listeners, contain engaging content, be objective in its approach, and have conviction behind it. Additionally, a well-delivered speech using visual aids and a lectern or podium can help add an authoritative touch that will leave a lasting impression on your listeners. With these qualities in mind, selecting the perfect persuasive speech topic for any occasion shouldn’t be difficult at all!

Get A Podium That Matches Your Speech

Once you have chosen your persuasive speech topic, the next step is to find a podium that’s perfect for delivering your speech. Investing in a quality piece of equipment can make all the difference in how successful and engaging your speech will be. Consider factors such as size, material, and design when selecting one for your next presentation so that it meets all of your needs.

At Podium Pros,  we offer a variety of custom lecterns that can be tailored to your exact specifications. Our experienced team will work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that it suits the occasion and setting perfectly. With our expertise, quality materials, and customization options—you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have a podium that is perfect for any speech or presentation! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help create the ideal lecture stand for your next event.


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