Care Instructions


Care Instructions


Please review this care and maintenance guide to help protect the finish and ensure longevity with your product.

Cleaning Your Acrylic Lectern

• Avoid commercial cleaning products. Do not use Windex or any other ammonia based cleaner, as it will damage the finish of the acrylic and is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

• Weekly cleaning is recommended. Use a clean cloth made of soft , lint-free cotton. A mild soap and water solution is the best method for cleaning your acrylic lectern.

Cleaning Your Wood Lectern

• Avoid commercial cleaning products. Although the immediate results of a cleaning product may seem rewarding, the long-term effects of its chemical composition with the wood, air and light may be very harmful.

• Weekly cleaning is recommended. Use a clean cloth made of soft , lint-free cotton. Moisten the cloth with just enough water to make the dust adhere to it. The cloth should not be so damp that it wets the wood. Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Humidity and Temperature Change

• Wood is very sensitive to changes in relative humidity. As the weather changes, so does the relative humidity in the environment where the lectern is situated. Try and maintain stable humidity conditions in the lectern’s environment.

• Frequent and sudden changes in relative humidity are especially problematic. This will result in bending and warping of the wood.

• Wood is most likely to crack when the climate in its environment changes suddenly from warm and humid, to cool and dry.

• Excess heat and dryness will cause wood to split and crack.

• Place the lectern away from all heat sources, such as radiator, heat runs or fireplaces

• If you must place the lectern near an air duct, avoid direct exposure to the air flow.

• Winter is a particularly harsh time for wood furniture and often results in cracks when the surrounding environment is excessively dry.

• Take extra care of your lectern during this time.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

• The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage a finish and bleach the wood underneath.

• Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the finish to crack.

• Uneven exposure to sunlight will cause areas of the lectern to look paler on those areas that are exposed.

• Try to keep the lectern out of direct sunlight.

Avoid Direct Heat, Chemical Exposure, Sharp Objects

• Fingerprints, perspiration and oils can harm a finish over me. Regular cleaning is highly recommended.

• Clean spills immediately.

Take Extra Care Lifting the Lectern.

Lifting by the trim can result in damage to the body. Always lift from the base and lift with a partner.



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