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Aluminum Lecterns


Aluminum Lecterns


The Aluminum Line offers a modern, sleek alternative to the average lectern. Each model is designed with various anodized aluminum extrusion profiles, a functional reading surface with paper stop, and heavy-duty tilt-back wheels for easy movement. The Aluminum lectern is lightweight, durable and aesthetically-pleasing, suitable for any facility. These products are very versatile, with logo branding and custom accessories available to personalize the lectern to suit your specific needs.

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Lightweight & Durable

Designed to go wherever your next speaking engagement is, our aluminum lecterns are light, easy to move, and designed to last.

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Custom Accessories & Branding

Let your podium do the talking. With customized branding and accessories designed just for your podium, you’ll make a statement without saying anything at all.

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Fully Assembled

All you have to do is unpack your aluminum podium, admire the customized details, and set it up on stage.

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Immediate Use

There’s no waiting for wiring or troubleshooting how the mic should attach. Your podium is ready to use immediately, so you can focus your time where it’s needed.

An aluminum lectern

Aluminum lecterns are the perfect choice for your next event.

Gone are the stuffy podiums of yesterday. Welcome to the future of public speaking. 

Created with anodized aluminum extrusion profiles, our aluminum lecterns are designed to have it all: a reading surface with built-in paper stop, wheels for easy mobility, and plenty of options for customized branding. When every minute onstage matters, you want a podium that’s versatile enough to rise to any occasion. Lightweight, sturdy, and with an effortlessly striking aesthetic, an aluminum lectern can be customized to meet your precise needs.

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A customized aluminum lectern

Custom Branding

Podium Pros can customize your lectern with your logo. We offer many options including: vinyl and 3D acrylic backing, vinyl on acrylic sign holder, vinyl on magnetic sign system, full panel vinyl overlay. We can accommodate any graphic request, please contact us for more information.

Wheelchair accessible aluminum motorized accessible lectern

Inclusion and Innovation

We offer solutions that reflect our commitment to a world that is more inclusive for people with disabilites. Our aluminum motorized accessible lectern is designed to be wheelchair accessible and can travel from it’s lowest point of 27” to it’s highest point of 40”.

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Choose Podium Pros as your trusted source for high quality, customized, speaking lecterns.

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