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How To Effectively Use a Lectern While Giving a Speech

How To Effectively Use a Lectern While Giving a Speech

Giving a speech can be an intimidating experience, even for the most experienced public speaker. It is essential to feel comfortable and confident while presenting to communicate effectively with your audience. One way to help ensure that confidence is through properly using a lectern. A lectern provides support and stability, enabling you to stand comfortably during your presentation without worrying about swaying or wobbling. It also gives you space for any notes or visual aids that you may need for reference during your talk. With these tips and tricks on using a lectern effectively, you can ensure that your next presentation will go off without a hitch!

Tip #1: Get familiar with the lectern before your speech

Try to arrive at the venue early and practice using the lectern. Get a feel for how high it is and where you should be standing concerning it. This can help prevent any awkward or uncomfortable moments during your actual presentation. Additionally, ensure that all your notes, visual aids, and other materials are laid out neatly on the lectern, making them easy to access when needed.

Tip #2: Ensure that your microphone is set up correctly

It’s important to make sure that the microphone connected to the lectern is positioned properly and at a comfortable distance from your mouth. If it’s too far away, you may have difficulty being heard; if it’s too close, you may speak too loudly or distort your voice. Test out different distances while practicing so that you can find what works best for you on the day of your presentation.

Tip #3: Speak clearly and confidently

Once you’ve set up the lectern and microphone, it’s time to start speaking! Make sure that your voice is clear, confident, and projected outward. Don’t be afraid to speak slowly or emphasize certain words—it will help keep your audience engaged. Additionally, try not to lean on the lectern too heavily as this can make it harder for people in the back of the room to hear you properly.

Tip #4: Get A Custom Lectern from Podium Pros

A custom lectern can be a great way to showcase your personality as well as add a touch of sophistication to the presentation area. Having one made specifically for you will fit perfectly with its surroundings and be tailored to meet your needs. With customization options such as wood type, finish color, height adjustment features, integrated audio systems, and more—you can create a lecture stand that is perfect for any occasion or setting!

At Podium Pros we have over 20 years of experience in designing custom lecterns. Our professional team will work closely with you throughout the design process so that you get exactly what you need, from the initial concept right through to delivery. We are proud to use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your custom lectern will last for years to come.

So, if you want to make a lasting impression with your following speech or presentation—make sure you choose Podium Pros! Contact us to learn more!


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