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How to Choose the Ideal Lectern for Your Next Big Conference

Planning a conference involves numerous details, but one crucial aspect that can significantly impact your event’s success is choosing the right lectern. A lectern serves as the centerpiece of your stage setup and can set the tone for your entire event. Here’s a guide to help you navigate your options and select the ideal lectern for your next big conference.

Why the Right Lectern Matters

Enhancing Speaker Visibility

A lectern or podium provides a focal point on the stage, directing the audience’s attention to the speaker and ensuring everyone has a clear view. The right lectern can enhance a speaker’s visibility, making their presentation more engaging and effective.

Setting the Tone

The style of the lectern sets the tone for the event. A traditional wooden lectern might suggest formality and gravitas, while a sleek, modern aluminum design might indicate a more dynamic, innovative atmosphere. The right lectern can subtly communicate the nature and purpose of your conference to your attendees.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Lectern

Choosing the ideal lectern for your conference requires careful consideration of several factors:

Size of the Venue and Audience

Firstly, consider the size of your venue and audience. Large and imposing sizes might be perfect for a grand auditorium but could overwhelm a smaller, more intimate venue. Conversely, a small lectern might look out of place on a large stage.

Nature of the Event

Consider the atmosphere you want to create. If your conference is formal and academic, a traditional approach might be most appropriate. However, if your event centers around innovation and technology, a modern, sleek design might be a better fit.

Speaker Comfort and Convenience

The purpose of a lectern is to amplify the voices of speakers, so their comfort and convenience should also be a priority. Some speakers prefer a larger design that provides ample space for their notes, while others might prefer minimalism that allows them to move around the stage more freely.

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Lectern

With these considerations in mind, here are some tips to help you select the perfect lectern:

Match Your Event Theme

Ensure that your chosen lectern matches the theme and decor of your event. The right choice can seamlessly blend with the overall environment, becoming a natural part of the stage setup rather than sticking out as an afterthought. A lectern that doesn’t match can distract the audience and detract from your conference’s overall aesthetic. Remember, the aim is to create a harmonious visual experience that complements the content of the presentations, not compete with it.

Consider Functionality

Accessibility and functionality go hand in hand when choosing the ideal lectern. Consider features like adjustable height, which allows speakers of different heights and those using wheelchairs to comfortably use the lectern. Ensure there is enough room for speakers to keep their notes, laptops, or other presentation materials. This helps keep things organized and ensures speakers can focus on their presentation rather than managing their space. Check if the lectern is equipped with necessary technology like a microphone, speakers, or even screen mounts. This eliminates the need for additional equipment, making the setup more streamlined.

Invest in Quality

Finally, investing in a high-quality lectern pays off in the long run. Not only does it ensure durability and longevity, but choosing quality also enhances your event’s overall appearance and can adapt to various needs over time. While budget considerations are important, remember that a good-quality lectern is an investment towards inclusivity and functionality in all your future events.

In conclusion, choosing a lectern involves more than just ticking off a compliance box. It’s about ensuring all speakers feel valued and comfortable, ultimately contributing to the success of your event.

Catering to All Event Types with Podium Pros

A high-quality lectern can significantly impact the success of any event. At Podium Pros, we recognize that each event is unique, and we’ve designed a diverse range of products to suit every occasion.


Large-scale or corporate conferences often involve numerous speakers and presentations. Our lecterns provide the perfect platform for your speakers, enhancing their visibility and comfort and ultimately contributing to the success of your conference.


Conventions are large gatherings, often centered around a specific industry or interest. They provide a platform for professionals to network, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest trends and developments. Our lecterns play a pivotal role in these events, providing a professional and functional platform for keynote addresses, panel discussions, and presentations.


Seminars typically focus on educational content delivered by one or more speakers. Our functional and aesthetically pleasing lecterns ensure your speaker delivers the content effectively while also adding to the overall professional appearance of your seminar.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are bustling events where companies showcase their latest products. Our portable lecterns can be easily positioned for speeches or presentations, ensuring your message reaches your audience amidst the buzz of the trade show.


Workshops are interactive events that often involve an expert sharing knowledge or skills with attendees. Our ergonomic lecterns ensure the speaker’s comfort, allowing them to focus on delivering engaging, informative workshops.

Other Venues

We also cater to banquet halls, convention centers, event centers, municipalities, schools, and sports teams, offering a wide variety of lecterns suitable for any venue.

Connect with Podium Pros Today

No matter what type of event you’re planning, Podium Pros has the perfect lectern to meet your needs. Our variety of lecterns made from aluminum, acrylic, and wood, as well as our accessible and branded options, ensures we have the ideal match for your event’s style and requirements.

Reach out to us today and let our team guide you through our selection. Let’s make your next event truly stand out with a lectern that combines functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics.


Choose Podium Pros as your trusted source for high quality, customized, speaking lecterns.

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