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The Overlooked Centerpiece: Why Your Venue’s Podium Deserves a Second Look

By Yvonne, Owner of Podium Pros>

Over the last while, members of our team have attended a number of conferences across North America: Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City.

We’ve been impressed by the architecture and decor of these facilities that host special events, from weddings to large corporate gatherings. However, we’ve been surprised to find these venues have given much less thought and attention to their podiums.

Whether it be a CEO sharing important insights about the future of an industry or the Father of the Bride retelling intimate anecdotes from his daughter’s childhood, every single special event hosted by these venues involves a speaker on stage, all eyes upon them.

We would point out to the architects of these carefully crafted venues that their message of luxury, sophistication, professionalism, or spectacle will be diminished in the minds of their guests when their eyes are set upon the cheap, clunky, or plain worn-out podium these speakers stand behind under the spotlight.

It’s obvious these designers invested in premium light fixtures, moldings, wallpaper, flooring, and other furniture – we can’t understand why they would regard podiums differently. If anything, isn’t the centerpiece of your stage deserving of greater investment, given the greater attention paid to it by guests?

Elevate Your Stage, Elevate Your Event

At Podium Pros, we believe that a podium should be more than just a functional piece of furniture. It should be a statement piece that enhances your venue’s aesthetic and reflects the importance of the messages being shared from it.

Our meticulously crafted lecterns are designed to seamlessly integrate with your venue’s style while offering cutting-edge features like integrated audio-visual technology and customizable branding options. We use premium materials and construction techniques to ensure that your podium stands the test of time, delivering a flawless presentation experience for years to come.

Ready to Transform Your Stage?

Don’t let an overlooked podium detract from your venue’s brilliance. Contact Podium Pros today to explore our range of customizable podiums and discover how we can help you create a truly unforgettable stage presence.

About the Author

Yvonne is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in the manufacturing industry. Her expertise spans sales and business development in North America and emerging markets, event management, marketing, and strategic planning. She is a graduate of Ryerson University and a passionate advocate for elevating the quality and impact of every event through thoughtfully designed podiums.


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