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Case Study

Q Productions: Transforming Events with Branded Lecterns

Case Study

Q Productions: Transforming Events with Branded Lecterns

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of every event produced by Q Productions, a premier event production company based in Toronto. Known for their unconventional approach, Q Productions has fostered a unique partnership with Podium Pros, ensuring their events are both visually stunning and seamlessly executed.


Q Productions, an innovative leader in audiovisual solutions, needed a lectern supplier that could cater to their bespoke branding requirements for each event. While many lectern manufacturers focus primarily on aesthetics, Q Productions required lecterns that could integrate their custom branding without compromising functionality. They needed lecterns that were not only visually appealing but also designed to accommodate microphones, reading lights, and other AV equipment seamlessly.


Podium Pros emerged as the ideal partner for Q Productions due to our unique approach to lectern design. Unlike conventional manufacturers, we build lecterns with AV integration and customization in mind. This allows for a clean, professional presentation space devoid of exposed wires and clutter. They initially purchased our VH1 aluminum lecterns, our most popular model, for their rental inventory. These lecterns are perfect for custom branding, enabling Q Productions to tailor each lectern to the specific needs of their clients.

One notable example of our collaboration was when Q Productions assisted a client in launching a new budget-friendly airline. They required a custom-branded front panel for their VH1 lecterns, featuring the airline’s logo. This service, involving detailed mock-ups and precise production, is a testament to our commitment to quality and our deep understanding of the AV industry’s needs.


The partnership between Podium Pros and Q Productions has yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Customization: Our ability to provide custom-branded front panels allows Q Productions to deliver a unique and tailored experience for each event, reinforcing their clients’ branding and messaging.
  • Reliability and Efficiency: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of event production, we offer expedited services, including last-minute mock-ups and production, ensuring that they can meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • Professional Aesthetic: Podium Pros’ lecterns ensure a clean and professional stage setup, enhancing the visual appeal and overall presentation of events. This attention to detail supports Q Productions in delivering seamless and impactful experiences.
  • Long-term Partnership: Our ongoing collaboration with Q Productions highlights our commitment to exceptional customer service and the ability to adapt to their evolving needs, solidifying our role as a trusted partner in their success.

By providing bespoke lectern solutions, Q Productions separates itself from the competition. Their commitment to detail and collaborative approach, Podium Pros’ ability to deliver high-profile custom lecterns, transforms events and leaves a lasting impression on their clients.

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Customized aluminum lectern

Custom Branding

Podium Pros can customize your lectern with your logo. We offer a variety of options including vinyl and 3D acrylic backing, vinyl on acrylic sign holders, vinyl on magnetic sign systems, and full panel vinyl overlays. Contact us to accommodate any graphic request.

Wheelchair accessible aluminum motorized accessible lectern

Inclusion and Innovation

We offer solutions that reflect our commitment to a world that is more inclusive for people with disabilites. Our aluminum motorized accessible lectern is designed to be wheelchair accessible and can travel from it’s lowest point of 27” to it’s highest point of 40”.

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