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Case Study

How Podium Pros Helps bb Blanc Create Event Magic

Case Study

How Podium Pros Helps bb Blanc Create Event Magic

bb Blanc, a company dedicated to crafting unforgettable event experiences, understands the power of exceeding expectations. Their meticulous approach extends to every detail on stage, ensuring a truly magical atmosphere for attendees. This is where Podium Pros steps in, providing bb Blanc with the perfect tools to bring their vision to life.


bb Blanc prioritizes seamless presentations, and Podium Pros’ tech-ready lectern designs deliver just that. Integrated AV equipment eliminates clutter and ensures a smooth flow for presenters, freeing them to focus on captivating the audience. This focus on tech integration aligns perfectly with bb Blanc’s commitment to exceptional event experiences.


bb Blanc discovered Podium Pros’ extensive selection of lecterns, featuring the very attributes that fit their needs:

  • Variety of Materials: Acrylic, aluminum, and wood lecterns offered flexibility to match any event’s desired aesthetic, just like bb Blanc highlights in their commitment to customization.
  • Customizable Options: Customization wasn’t an afterthought; it was a cornerstone of the Podium Pros experience. bb Blanc could achieve perfect brand integration and a seamless visual experience through a variety of customization options. Powder-coated finishes offered a vibrant palette to match any event theme, while custom wood grains added a touch of elegance and natural beauty.
  • Tech-Ready Design: Understanding the importance of flawless presentations, Podium Pros offered lectern models designed with technology integration in mind. Integrated AV equipment eliminated the need for clunky external setups, ensuring presentations ran smoothly and clutter was minimized. This not only enhanced the overall visual appeal of the stage but also ensured presenters felt comfortable and confident delivering their message.


By partnering with Podium Pros, bb Blanc achieved the following:

  • Elevated Event Experience: Customizable lecterns complemented their full-service approach, contributing to a more magical event for attendees, as bb Blanc desires.
  • Seamless Presentation Integration: Technical difficulties during presentations can disrupt the flow of an event and leave a lasting negative impression.  By incorporating integrated AV equipment, Podium Pros’ lectern designs ensured a smooth and professional presentation experience.  Presenters no longer had to fumble with tangled wires or worry about compatibility issues. This allowed them to focus on delivering their message with confidence, resulting in a more engaging and impactful presentation for the audience.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Every element on stage contributes to the overall brand perception.  bb Blanc’s commitment to quality and attention to detail was further amplified by the use of premium lecterns. The lecterns, customized with bb Blanc’s branding, served as a subtle yet powerful reminder of their dedication to exceptional service. This consistency in branding across events solidified bb Blanc’s position as a leader in the event management industry.
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A Quote from bb Blanc:

Ready to Create Event Magic?

Contact Podium Pros today to discuss how our customizable lecterns can transform your next event.

Customized aluminum lectern

Custom Branding

Podium Pros can customize your lectern with your logo. We offer many options including: vinyl and 3D acrylic backing, vinyl on acrylic sign holder, vinyl on magnetic sign system, full panel vinyl overlay. We can accommodate any graphic request, please contact us for more information.
Wheelchair accessible aluminum motorized accessible lectern

Inclusion and Innovation

We offer solutions that reflect our commitment to a world that is more inclusive for people with disabilites. Our aluminum motorized accessible lectern is designed to be wheelchair accessible and can travel from it’s lowest point of 27” to it’s highest point of 40”.

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