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Case Study

Anaheim Convention Center: Easy Branding with a Versatile Lectern

Case Study

Anaheim Convention Center: Easy Branding with a Versatile Lectern

The Anaheim Convention Center, a renowned venue for large-scale events and conferences, understands the importance of adaptability and brand visibility. To meet these demands, they chose the CS2 lectern from Podium Pros for its spacious surface and unique design that allows for prominent branding.


The Anaheim Convention Center hosts a wide range of events with varying branding requirements. They needed a lectern solution that could easily adapt to different events while maintaining a professional appearance and maximizing brand exposure.


Podium Pros delivered the CS2 lectern with features tailored to the Anaheim Convention Center’s needs:

  • Anti-Glare Acrylic Sign Holder: A versatile solution for showcasing event-specific branding or sponsor logos, easily interchangeable between events.
  • 6″ LED Reading Light with Switch: Ensuring optimal visibility for presenters, regardless of lighting conditions.
  • 8″ Microphone Holder Stand: A sturdy and adjustable stand for securely holding microphones, ensuring clear audio for presentations.

To further streamline branding, the Anaheim Convention Center opted to place a vinyl logo installation onto the sign holder for general use. When a specific event required different branding, a card was simply slid into the pocket, covering the default logo and instantly transforming the lectern’s appearance.


The CS2 lectern, with its customizable features, has proven to be an invaluable asset for the Anaheim Convention Center. It enables them to:

  • Adapt Effortlessly: Quickly switch between different branding elements for various events, saving time and resources.
  • Maximize Brand Visibility: The large surface area and anti-glare sign holder ensure prominent brand exposure, enhancing the overall event experience.
  • Maintain Professionalism: The sleek design and integrated features create a polished and professional look for every presentation.
Aluminum lectern accessories

Anti-Glare Acrylic Sign Holder.

Lectern microphone holder accessory

8” K&M Gooseneck Microphone Holder.

Lectern microphone attachment

Fixed 6” LED Reading Light With Switch.

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Configure Your Own Lectern with Podium Pros

Discover how our customizable lecterns can elevate your events and streamline your branding. Contact us today to explore our range of options or design your own bespoke lectern.

Customized aluminum lectern

Custom Branding

Podium Pros can customize your lectern with your logo. We offer a variety of options including vinyl and 3D acrylic backing, vinyl on acrylic sign holders, vinyl on magnetic sign systems, and full panel vinyl overlays. Contact us to accommodate any graphic request.

Wheelchair accessible aluminum motorized accessible lectern

Inclusion and Innovation

We offer solutions that reflect our commitment to a world that is more inclusive for people with disabilites. Our aluminum motorized accessible lectern is designed to be wheelchair accessible and can travel from it’s lowest point of 27” to it’s highest point of 40”.

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