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4 Tips to Meet Your Audience’s Expectations

As a speaker, your goal should be to captivate and entertain your audience. Whether speaking at a professional conference or delivering a lecture in the classroom, it is essential to remember that audiences have certain expectations when they come to listen to you speak. They want you to provide information that is both interesting and useful. They also expect you to be engaging and entertaining. Here are four tips for ensuring you deliver an effective presentation that meets the expectations of your audience.

Tip #1:  Prepare a Presentation that is Relevant and Engaging

Your audience will appreciate it if you create a presentation that is both relevant to the topic at hand and engaging. This means selecting topics or stories that are interesting, informative, and easy for your audience to understand. When creating slides for your presentation, be sure to include visuals such as charts. If you’re using a lectern, it’s also important to incorporate some hand gestures and body language into your delivery.

Tip #2: Speak with Confidence and Clarity

It is important to project confidence when speaking in front of an audience. This means speaking clearly and using a strong, confident tone. Avoid mumbling or talking too fast as this can be distracting for the audience. It’s also important to maintain good posture while lecturing – stand up straight behind the lectern, make eye contact with members of the audience, and avoid distracting body movements.

Tip #3: Respond to Feedback

Throughout your presentation, it’s important to be aware of the reactions and feedback from your audience. Be prepared to answer questions or respond to comments as they come up. It is also a good idea to provide an opportunity for audience members to ask questions after you have finished speaking. This will allow them the chance to digest all of the information that you have shared with them and provide valuable feedback.

Tip #4: Lectern Etiquette

When giving a speech from a lectern or podium, it’s crucial to remember that your presence and attitude can also influence the audience. Make sure you are aware of how close you are to the lectern as well as any movements you make while speaking. It is best practice to stand at least one arm’s length away from the lectern and to lean forward occasionally when speaking. This helps to keep the audience engaged and also allows for better projection of your voice.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your presentation meets the expectations of your audience and leaves them feeling satisfied with what they have heard. With practice, confidence, and a well-prepared presentation, you will be able to deliver an engaging speech that captivates and entertains any audience.

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