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4 Important Tips For Effective Public Speaking

Regardless of experience level or industry, many jobs require some form of public speaking. Practicing and improving your public speaking skills can help you advance in your career and find a new strength to add to your resume.

A great public speaker possesses a variety of abilities, such as the use of body language, eye contact, and delivery. Most successful professionals already have a level of confidence, charisma, and presence that has gotten them to where they are and will carry them to the podium. Nonetheless, how you conduct yourself and present yourself at the podium is critical.

Here are four simple best practices tips to improve your delivery:

1. Use Your Voice Effectively

Modify your tone to keep things interesting for the audience. Attention spans are short, and regular stimulus changes are required. As appropriate for different parts of your presentation, try speaking louder, softer, faster, or slower. And then a pause. Pauses are beneficial; your audience requires time to process your ideas.

2. Start Strong

The first few seconds of your speech are crucial. You must grab the audience’s attention and inform them that they are about to witness something unique. Begin with a powerful opening line that will pique their interest.

3. Make Eye Contact with The Audience.

One of the most important things you can do when giving a speech is to maintain eye contact. It shows that you’re confident and care about your audience. You’ll come out as uneasy and unprepared if you spend too much time looking at your notes. Maintain eye contact with your audience whenever you’re on the platform. You will establish a connection with your audience by making and maintaining eye contact with them. It will also assist in maintaining their attention on you and your message.

4. Use the Podium as a Speaking Tool

The podium provides a platform for your notes, and while you don’t want to just read your speech, you can utilize notes or note cards to assist you in staying in your position, remind you of key points, and keep you focused on your message. Make a mental reminder to stand up, breathe and pause, make eye contact, and talk clearly and gently.

Make An Impact with Podium Pros’ Custom Lecterns!

A lectern is a valuable item. That’s why we at Podium Pros took the effort to create a line of astonishing lecterns while keeping the four primary functions of a lectern in mind.

  • Providing support for the message: A lectern must stand out and present an impression of modernism, strength, and quality.
  •  Illustration: A lectern is the focal point of great events and significant occasions. It stands in for your hotel, city, school, or organization.
  • Quality personification: A lectern should exemplify the level of service you deliver to your clients.
  • Bigger impact: An effective lectern is an ergonomic piece of furniture that boosts the speaker’s confidence, resulting in a more powerful presentation. Of course, a lectern must be practical and have all of the necessary functions. Is your lectern up to the job?

Contact Podium Pros for Customized Lecterns and Podiums

Podium Pros has the best selection of lecterns on the market, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wood lectern or a more modern acrylic lectern, we have what you’re looking for. Contact us today with any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help!


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